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Modern life seems impossible without different electronic gadgets such as smartphones, laptops and other units. I could never imagine how people have lived without internet and mobile connection in previous centuries. They had to have hard times.

My friends say that I am too much twisted on gadgets, but I really don’t think so. I like to buy new cell-phones because they are upgraded and can do more and this is very important in my studies at college. I must always stay in touch with my tutors and professors and to have quick access to the Internet to be able to find any information that is needed for my classes. Besides, owning products of one of the best brands in the world, I feel more important and successful in my society.

One wonderful day I have decided to clean my room and to throw away everything that I didn’t use anymore. And here the real problem appeared in front of me: I have found eight old gadgets (three Tabs, four cell-phones and one laptop) in my drawers and I really didn’t have a clue what to do with all this stuff.

My striking research

At first I wanted just to put everything into the garbage. But my older brother told me that it was a bad idea because it was very dangerous for the environment. To make sure that this is true, I started to search for some information about it on the Internet. Well, I was simply knocked down by what I have read.

Being just thrown away, electronics are very and very dangerous. Their components are toxic and without proper preservation this technical poison leaches into the ground. And then it goes into the ground water that moistures plants. And we use those plants for food that is incredibly dangerous for our health.

Megan Treacy in her article “The true impact of not recycling our old electronics” says that each year people buy more and more smartphones. In 2014 sales grew by 23 percent. And only 27 percent of these electronics were recycled. In 2010 only 649,000 tons of e-waste were recycled out of – just imagine this enormous difference – 2.44 million!!!! Everything else was just tossed into the garbage. Immediately after having read this striking information, I took back my old units from the bin.

I like to think that I am a responsible person in everything that I do. I also believe that people must take care about the place where they live: not just their houses, but environment as well. So, without any doubt I had to find another way to get rid of all my old and broken electronics that would be legal and safe for nature and people around.

how to sell your laptop

Recycling companies

Once again I have used Google for search and found some interesting information. It appears that there are many companies that work with e-waste. In fact, all your electronic staff is not just bad for environment, it can be useful as well. There are many valuable materials inside of every unit. Such elements as lead, copper, aluminum, silver, gold, plastics and ferrous metals have a chance to be recovered and used somewhere else. This is going to conserve natural resources and energy. To produce new electronics it is quite acceptable to reuse all these elements from old electronic gadgets. So, here are two beneficial things about recycling – saving ecology and natural resources. Besides, it creates new jobs for people that know what to do with such products – the third benefit.  Not bad” – was my first thought.

My next step was to find any recycling spot: store or company that will take my used gadgets away. And once again I have faced a problem. I couldn’t find anything around. In my area no one seemed to meet this problem. Besides, during my research I have found that there are also many recycling companies that in reality don’t recycle the e-waste. They just ship it to far countries with low economics and leave it there on the fields. That was not what I was looking for. It doesn’t matter where the Earth is being polluted - close to you or on the other side of the planet – it is still wrong and nobody has right to do such dishonorable things. Telling the truth, I was really disappointed with this information. I couldn’t trust any company that could be found on the Internet and there was no way from this situation. So, I put my old cell-phones, Tabs and the laptop back into my drawers and forgot about it.

A new hope

After some time, I had a dinner with my friend and told him about my intention to save the Earth and crashing of all my good plans. And then my friend told me about companies and online stores that simply buy electronic units from people. That was something new for me. I found out that it is possible not just to get rid of my garbage without any damage for environment, but also get some cash for it.

Having experience in such things, my friend helped me with online service that was reliable and honest with its customers. So, once again I took my units out of drawers and started a new journey through the Internet.

First of all I tried to find out how many people know and use such services and was surprised that a lot of youth do it. Besides, there were many positive comments and feedback on most websites from satisfied customers. That was really convincing. At last, I have found the proper solution for my problem.

getting cash

How it works?

It seems that selling old laptops is impossible. Besides, all tips on how to sell your laptop also seem unreal. Many people think that if they live in a small town far away from such metropolises as New York, Los Angeles, Seattle or any other big city, there is no chance to perform this kind of bargain. That is not true, of course. Don’t forget that Internet is the place, where everything is possible. Just find a proper company.

But let’s turn back to my own experience. I was one of many, who believed that there is no way how to sell my laptop if it is broken or has some damages on the surface or on the screen. But when I have found a reliable online service, I found out that even in such state (my laptop was scratched a little bit and had a small crack on the screen) this unit can be bought. Plus, my other gadgets (cell-phones and Tabs) were just outdated, but not broken. It was a great surprise for me and I decided to use the recommended service.

My experience was positive and I want to share it with other people that face the same problem – what to do with all old devices that are not in use anymore. My chosen service showed its customers how to sell even broken laptop or any other gadget. Try to find the same option ‘cause it is the most beneficial. I didn’t have completely broken units, but they were not in the best state as well. By means of special information bar I have described my stuff and filled in the special form. It was not hard at all. Everything that I was supposed to do was providing information about my electronics (brand and model) and my personal information for shipping. It was very important for me to know that after our cooperation is finished, my personal particulars will be instantly deleted, no databases. If it is significant for you too, don’t forget to make it clear with your service.

Right after filling the form in, I received my online quote and in the shortest period of time – packages with company’s label on it was sent to me. I just put my devices into the packages and mailed it back.

By means of the online quote I was able to track my order through all stages: shipping, testing and approving. My payment arrived without a delay. Usually, reliable companies give you few options about the way to get your money – PayPal, Mail or any other system that suits you the most. It is really easy and useful. I am sure that every person, who is reading this post right now, has electronics that can be sold. And even if I don’t give many detailed tips about how to sell your laptop for the best price, I think someone will find my experience useful.

To summarize everything said above, I want to say that there is better way to get rid of your old and outdated gadgets than throwing them into the garbage bin. You can make your contribution into saving our ecology, energy and natural resources by giving your stuff away to recycling companies or simply selling it for cash to any reliable online service. It will not take much of your time, but it will definitely be a positive act of concern for our environment. Good luck!

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