My Selling Laptop Online Experiment

selling laptop online

We had a party in my place one night, me and my friends. There were just boys and our conversation had certainly “men” direction. Of course, most of the time we, guys, talked about it and about new technologies that amaze users all around the world. It was a good chance for me to show my new laptop for my buddies. It was brand new with awesome abilities and with stunning design.

- What are you going to do with your old laptop? It doesn’t seem broken or too outdated to throw it away – asked Tom, my best friend.

- Well, I don’t know yet, guys. I think, it is better to put it into the trash, I don’t want it anyways. It is slow and doesn’t have enough functions to satisfy me. So, I will definitely throw it away.

- No way, man. This is too dangerous, isn’t it? – said Alex – I mean they always warn about e-waste and water and air pollution that it causes. You should better find another way to get rid of it.

- Another way? Are you kidding me? What can I do with an outdated device? I don’t think that it is worth selling such an old laptop online, no one would like to buy it even for low price – I couldn’t imagine myself what can be done instead of tossing it into the bin.

- I have an idea – said Luke – let’s do some research apart from each other and then gather again to share the results and to find the best solution for this problem.

It seemed quite interesting for all of us and the deal was made. We decided to come together at the same place in a week again and share our thoughts about the topic. Here are the results.

Tom and Recycling option

My best friend Tom was the one who started the discussion. Thinking about the danger of e-waste, he decided to do some research in this direction and to prove that throwing away is the worst idea of all.

- Do you know – he started his inspired speech – that our planet is sinking in electronic waste?

- Come on, it cannot be that bad – I said – what problem can few gadgets cause?

- Few gadgets? Man, you don’t understand what you are saying. According to United Nations University statistics in 2014 there were over 41 million tones of different electrical appliances thrown away all over the world. Can you imagine this mountain chain of trash that is like some biological weapon, strong enough to destroy ecology completely?

- Ok, I agree – said Luke – this is a huge number, but why do you say that it is dangerous?

- Because there are many metals and materials that can cause different diseases. Being left on the fields they soak under the ground into the underground waters and then feed plants that people use for food.

- Unbelievable, I will never throw my gadgets again – promised Luke – But I cannot gather it in my house too. What do you think is better to do with it?

- I think that recycling is the best solution for the problem. I have found many companies that take care about e-waste. They take it from you, extract everything that can be reused, including dangerous metals, and take care about safe dealing with other parts. Besides, major computer and laptop producers such as Dell and Apple companies have their own recycling programs that is very useful for owners of their products.

 - Ok, that is interesting, but I want to hear out Luke too.


Luke and his charity program

- Well, my first thought about your old laptop was to give it away to someone who will be glad to have even such outdated unit. Many people are selling used laptops online for lower price, but still many teenagers and students from poor families cannot afford them. I have found some charity programs that ask Americans to donate such computers, laptops and cell-phones so they can give them to children from poor families and even countries. I think that this is a perfect solution for your problem, buddy. You don’t just get rid from garbage; you make someone happy with it.

- Hah, amazing option – make someone happy with your garbage. Sounds weird for me.

- Then what is your idea, I would like to know?

- My solution is the best for me, for this is my laptop we are trying to get rid of.

- Ok, spill it!

Me and laptop online trade-in services

I wanted to share my experience from the very beginning, so I started to tell my story.

- Of course, you have a great job, guys, but I don’t think that both options suit me. You see, my laptop was really expensive when I bought it. I don’t want to give it away just like that. That is why I started to look for companies that would like to buy it from me. And I’ve found out that selling laptop online is a real and it works. There are many online services that offer good prices for old and even broken gadgets.

- Oh, come on, this is impossible. They are trying to cheat you, don’t trust people that offer cash for old stuff – Tom said.

I knew that the next thing I was going to do would have an effect of a bomb and I smiled. Then I put money on a table.

- What’s that? – guys were a little bit shocked

- My money for that old unit. I tell you, selling your laptop online is a real thing. Now I am trying to find all my outdated smart-phones that I don’t use anymore and sell them too. I had contacted the service and they sent me a package for my gadget. I’ve got my money with a PayPal system really soon

- Perfect, you are a genius, my friend. Now I need to go home and do the same thing. It’s time for trade your old laptops online and I am not going to miss it.

A few weeks later we went to a good restaurant with Tom and Luke and had a great time together. And for everyone who reads this story I want to say that selling outdated laptop is the best option to get rid of it. Good luck, friends!

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