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Do you have an old laptop and want to sell it? Don’t know where you can do it and get good money? Surely, you don’t want to waste your time looking for better price for gadget as it is still not bad. Save your time and spend it as you want, because from now you don’t have to think about this anymore. All you want to do, you can do here. You can get rid of your old gadget; get for this money and go to buy a new desirable one. I will guide you on how you can sell old laptops online for top dollars without any risk or issues.

Nowadays every third person has a laptop. It’s necessary for schoolchildren, students, workers and even for old people. A lot of old people buy laptops and learn to use it because it is necessary for everybody to go with the times. Definitely, laptops it is an important part of our life. Without it we can’t imagine our everyday life, work and educational process.

Why do people sell their old laptops?

In 21 century, in our modern life we have the scientific and technical advance because of what moral depreciation exist. What does it mean “moral depreciation?” It means that all technical items like laptops, cell phones, tablets etc. get old after 1-2 years of using and even sooner. That is the reason why majority of people change their gadgets every two years. They buy new ones, but old items remain. That is why we exist – to help such people.

There are a lot of reasons of making a deal, but the main reasons are:

  1. You are tired of your current technical item.

You have been using it for over 2 years and it is got old and not interesting for you. Or maybe it does not match those requirements which are necessary for you.

  1. You decided to buy a new laptop because old one doesn’t have those characteristics you need.

For example, you need work in different graphic editors, therefore you need your laptop has a good video card, but it has bad one or utterly doesn’t have it.

  1. The item doesn’t work and its repair is very expensive, the cost almost reaches the price of a new one.

Unfortunately, such situations happen very often. The reason is: the laptop is old and there are no details for it or they are very expensive.

  1. You just need money and that is why you want to trade it immediately.

In such situations a lot of people go to pawn shops and make a deal for very low prices.

Maybe you have another reason of sale. But, anyways, you need to know where you can do it and how much it can cost. Below I will tell you about it.

Where can you sell your old laptop?

For a lot of people old laptop is not only “the piece of metal”, but valuable thing and memories. Consequently, they would like to sell it for high price.

cash for your old laptop

There are a lot of ways to do it, and it's your choice which one is working for you:

  1. You can find the buyer among your friends and acquaintances.

It is one of the easiest ways, but if laptop doesn’t work,likely, no one will want to buy it.

  1. You can go to service center or some appliance store.

Almost all service center or appliance stores accept old items including laptops for spare parts or reselling it further. But majority of them offer owners small amount of money.

  1. You can submit an advertisement to magazine or newspaper.

Some magazines and newspapers will take money for placing your advertisement; some of them will do it for free. But here is one problem: you can wait for buyer very long and sometimes even don’t get any offer.

  1. You can post an advertisement in Internet.

Definitely, it is the easiest way, but need time and patience. You simply post your advertisement on different web-sites where people sell and buy consumer electronics etc.

But all of them have one problem: you are wasting your time looking for the best buyer and price. And, sometimes, you are wasting not a few days or weeks, but months. Indeed, it’s not so easy to find a costumer. Moreover, usually people are not ready to pay a high price for old gadgets.

Of course, you can go from one service center or appliance store to another wasting your time and money,seeking the best price for your laptop. Or you can sell it for low price. But what for? Here is an easier way to do it and for high price. There are a lot of different online services which let you sell old laptops just sitting at home. But, for saving your time, you can do it even on this web-site. Rest assured, here you will have the highest price because SellLaptopBack reviews prices of competitors to pay you more. Don’t have any doubt in it! You can make sure by yourself.

How much cash can you get for old laptop?

sell old laptop

Everybody who wants to make a sale would like to know how much money he/she can get for this. For sure, everybody would like to get as much as possible. I will tell you how much money you are able to get for used laptop and why.

As said above, there are the scientific and technical advance and moral depreciation. Therefore every modern model loses from 1 to 3% of its price every month.Yes, exactly every month. Not very hard to count that for your 2 years old laptop you can get 28 – 76% of its primary cost. So, you shouldn’t push away from its original price.

Different online services offer different prices. Usually, the price depends on:

  1. Condition of laptop. If it doesn’t work, obviously, the price will be lower than for that one which works. Here is also important its efficiency;

  2. The brand of laptop. If it’s worldwide famous brand you will get more money than for infamous one;

  3. Its characteristics: power of memory, a video card, a processor, so on. All of characteristics are very important in price issue. As much as it is powerful so far forth you will get more money.

So, there are a lot of ways to sell your laptop for the best price online, which is the most suitable for you. Choose the best way for you and have a good luck with it!