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Have you outgrown your old and out-of-date laptop? Have you been wanting to buy a new gadget for a while now? Once you buy your new laptop, what are your plans for the old one? Throw it out? Of course, not. Here is a better option – sell it.

There are a many services, stores and companies where you can do just that. Everyday there are more and more companies popping up online. Unfortunately, this means that you need to put in more of your precious time researching which one would work best for your needs. You may find yourself asking the question: “What is the best way to sell my laptop?”

Why do people sell their laptops?

There are many reasons to sell your laptop. Since we are all unique and have various needs and desires, we consequently have many reasons to sell our laptops and take that money to the electronics store in order to buy new one. Let's take a minute here and discuss the top four reason to sell your laptop online.

  1. The Laptop is broken and repair is very expensive. In some cases it's more expensive to fix an older laptop than to just replace it.

Such situations happen often nowadays. Repairs can be very expensive. Sometimes the components are old and very difficult to find. Other times the product model has been discontinued and are no longer produced. In most cases, it is, indeed, more profitable to trade it than waste time and money for repair. Don’t pay two or more times if it is possible to pay once, or to not pay anything!

You also may have a laptop that was very functional for a very long time, but over time it has just aged and become irrelevant. You may have had reservations to sell it when it worked well, but now that it's on its last legs, it's a good time to get rid of it. Don't wait until it dies and you cannot retrieve the information off of it.

  1. It started to work poorly.

Some people just buy new devices instead of constantly wasting their money for repairing old ones. If your laptop started to take longer to boot or load, and opening programs is requiring more of your time and patience, you might want to consider selling it now. You can stop suffering right now by selling it for a good price to company of your choosing.

  1. You need money immediately.

Unfortunately, sometimes we are forced to say “good bye” to their favorite technology because of lack of money. This does not have to be a terrible situation. You may be able to find a company who will give you up to 80% of its original purchase price of your laptop. But, of course, the exact price won't be confirmed until after complete analysis and evaluation.

  1. You have an old laptop that has been gathering dust on the shelf for a long time.
A lot of people have old units at home that are not used anymore because they have new ones. So, if you are sick and tired of it taking up space and and making your place untidy, then take this time to sell it and get some good money for it. Where can you sell your laptop?

By now you've certainly seen and heard of a lot of places, and ways, to sell your laptop. Whether it be online with classified ads, or with a company that's designed to buy back used electronics, there are definitely options out there.

For sure, you know where and heard a lot about different places, stores, online services and websites. Every single day we see advertise on the streets and in Internet about companies, who want to buy your gadgets for high price. But maybe you don’t know about other options, where you can make a deal. So, you can do it here:

selling laptop online
  1. Classified Ads.

In this case arm yourself with patience because you can find yourself waiting a long time for a buyer who is willing to buy at your asking price. However, if you're not in a rush, this could be a viable option.

  1. Individual sales.

If you like risk and frustration, then this option is for you, because there is no guarantee. Why? Because, usually there are no documents or warranties and dealing with a vast array of people can be very unusual.

  1. Purchasing and repair companies.

The transaction safety of this option is guaranteed. The companies pay you after evaluating your device.

  1. Online.

Remember, that only online you can trade your laptop for the highest price in comparison with traditional ways of deal.

Advantages and disadvantages of online trade.

girl with laptop riding cash money

The main advantages are:

  1. Comfort.
  2. You can get an instant quote. The first step of selling online.
  3. Saving money and time.
  4. Get a higher price than offline.
  5. The opportunity to choose the payment method.

The main disadvantages are:

  1. The lack of opportunity to make a deal here and now.
  2. The absence of the possibility to see the whole process.

So, have your doubts about online sales dispelled? Probably, yes.

And finally, what is the best place to sell a laptop?

As you might have already guessed, the best place is online. Surely, you also came to the same conclusion. That's understandable, because all of us are used to, and want, comfort and safety. Besides, there are only 2 disadvantages of online trading as opposed to 5 advantages. No doubts, online companies and services are the best place to make a safe, fast deal, in comfort and without a hurry, problems or wasting time and money. The process is very simple: fill out online instant quote with details about your device, then when you are satisfied with the price and conditions, safely pack and ship your laptop in a box. It is not a long process, but it is definitely much more profitable than other traditional electronic stores or service centers. Then just sit back and wait for you laptop to be evaluated and paid for.

When we give you cash for you laptop we will also properly recycle it. That way harmful heavy metals and battery materials will not end up in land fills and cause harm to our sensitive global environment. The best part about that is it doesn’t cost you a penny to get all of our services.

Go out there and choose the best option because you, and the planet, deserve it!