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Apple Inc: One of the largest computer manufacturer in the world

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Everyone in the world knows Apple Inc. that was founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne in America on April 1st, 1976. The main idea of its creators was to develop personal computers. Tricky and unusual logotype is loved by millions of users. Do you know what a secret history keeps the logo? The tale takes its beginning from the fruitarian diet followed by Jobs in late 70-s. At that time he decided that the company’s name would be “Apple” because it sounded fun, spirited and not intimidating. This idea was also associated with Sir Isaac Newton, who had sat under the apple tree at the moment of thinking over his theory of gravitation. The image of scientist was used as a logo in 1976. Then it has been changed for a few times and finally in 2007 monochrome bitten apple appeared as a mark of the one of the greatest Electronics companies. Could you imagine that it takes the second place in the top largest information technology companies in the world? Of course we also we will talk about recycling and the places where you can sell your MacBook online

Consumers worldwide in love with Apple MacsBooks, iPhones and iPads

Nowadays Apple Inc. turns out such products as the Mac line of personal computers, the iPhone smartphones, the iPods media players, the iPad tablet computers, the Apple Watch smartwatch, well-known online services and software that includes of the OS X and iOS operating systems, the iTunes media browser, the Safari web browser, the iLife and iWork suites. The production is acknowledged to be perfectly designed and secured, and it gains a reputation as expensive but hi tech devices. It is easy and understandable in usage, maybe this is the reason why more than 55 million US citizens use Apple branded electronics. Every year its popularity grows in the Asian countries, especially Japan and China and the countries of Eastern Europe.

Apple MacBooks, iPhones and iPads

MacBook features high quality screen and Intel CPU

The image quality (IQ) cannot leave its users unfazed. High IQ combining with high speed of handling data makes Apple MacBook irreplaceable computer for film-lovers, designers, musicians and other customers, whose life connects with art and fast changeable lifestyle. The first MacBook saw the world in 2006. The characteristics were great for laptop of that time – the creators used the Intel Core Duo processor and 945GM chipset, with Intel's GMA 950 integrated graphics on a 667 MHz. Since that time till 2011 MacBook improved its characteristics and now, in 2015, we see the rebirth of Apple branded laptops but in a bit thinner and smaller version. The Apple Inc. turned out 13.3-inch glossy widescreen LCD with exact weight 2.6 kg while today the company presents 12-inch LED Retina display with weight 0.92 kg.

By the way, every laptop has its advantages and disadvantages of using. The MacBook is not exception. Firstly let’s talk about advantages.

1. MacBook supports all operation systems. It is true. It doesn’t matter if it is native Mac OS X, or Linux OS, or Windows OS. MacBook goes along with all of them and while other laptops can run legally only last two ones.

2. MacBook has the best battery life. While other laptops survive for 4 to 6 hours, MacBook battery stands from 10 to 12 hours. This is a great benefit for those, whose work demands high activity during all day and night.

3. MacBook is light and slim. This also plays important role when you carry your laptop all day long.

Apple MacBooks will only run OS X

The best way to understand the difference between Apple MacBook with OSX and other laptops with Windows OS is to compare those using real situations of usage. For example, if you a game lover, and you eager to play on your laptop it is better to choose Windows OS because most games are available for Windows only, it provides better graphics hardware. Also it has support for custom gaming hardware. If you want to use your computer for graphics work, choose also Windows. The reason is that there is better support for graphic tablet and graphics software. If you care about of your security Mac OS X provides better guarantees to its customers.

In other case, only taking advantage of different brands can give us the clear image about this or that device. So, it is time to change something in our life and to try another dish. Are you a happy or dissatisfied user of laptop from Apple Inc.? And now you decided to sell your MacBook, right? We welcome you on SellLaptopBack laptop trade-in service.

How SellLaptopBack can help you gain some cash for your MacBook?

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It’s a magic online store, where customers are really happy to give their MacBook laptops to our careful hands. We know, that the reasons of selling are different, but our team will serve you and your suggested e-device as good as we can. Sometimes users want to buy another laptop, or clear off the space from useless things, or something has broken in the gadget, or it’s too old for using. Or, sometimes they simply need cash money. Nevertheless, it’s your secret why you want to sell your MacBook. We will help you with this and now we bring our scheme of work to your notice. The whole process of taking an instant quote will last for about 15 minutes of your time. You need to put the information about the brand you want to trade and its model. For example, choose “Apple” in the brand field, and choose the model number or type it in the next one. Choose its cosmetic condition and give us other details about its condition and in the right hand side we offer you a quote for your MacBook. Let us tell you that we pay the highest prices for used, old or even broken laptops. After your agreement you will be redirect to the cart. There, please, fill out you firs and last name, your address and contact number and e-mail. Then, please, choose comfortable method of payment and preferred shipping method. If you have some extra question, please – contact us, we are glad to answer all your questions. We hope you’ll be pleased with our service while we inspect our future purchase.

Sell your MacBook with confidence

There is a lot of online pawn shops and other laptop buyback companies out there, and something it's hard to choose the right place to sell  your portable electronics, on the other hand when it comes to Apple MacBook that is not the case, any online laptop recycling will take care of you, the choice is yours.

We are sure, that Apple production has specific charm to its owner, as well as a chance to try something new. Remember that only your own experience suits you well and can give you the best advice you have ever heard.