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Actually selling used gadgets in the Internet is the most common practice for millions of web-users all over the globe. Moreover, that practice pays for itself and pays very good! Suppose you want to sell used laptop in order to get some cash for it and buy a MacBook. Believe it or not but the only thing you need to get rid of that old junk and make your dreams about new electronic toy come true is Internet connection! Well... In most cases it's not a problem to find a source able to meet your urge need for devices upgrade, so take your time and shop around to get the best price for that piece of plastic stuffed with chips you want to shake off. If you need to sell used laptop online quick and easy, you come to right place, let's loo/k at the available options and how stuff works. 

How does it work?

Before you start you will definitely need to know more about the way the whole system works. System of recycling-for-real-cash, of course! Luckily, most web sources buying used gadgets provide the same range of services, so to sell used laptop, tablet or smartphone you don't need to spend your time and nerves to learn the rules of a game. To put it short, the whole procedure includes the following steps:

  1. Choose the brand of the item you want to cash in from the drop down menu;

  1. Make a few minutes for answering a couple of simple questions concerning your device's condition and filling a checkout form to get a prepaid shipping label;

  1. Pack the unit-for-trade in a box and send it to destination point (don't forget to print out the shipping label!);

  1. After source's technical gurus are done with their inspection to check out all those “features” specified in your order form, you get your cash via PayPal or by check. That's all!

The whole laptop trade-for-cash procedure requires the minimum of your precious time. Frankly, there are some points that could differ from company to company, but in most cases aforementioned algorithm can be considered as a common one for most virtual “trade posts” you can find in the modern cyber space. So, the only thing you should really care about is that pretty penny you can get for used electronic junk you sell for recycling.

FAQs about prepaid laptop recycling.

station computer laptop tv remote

Perhaps, the best way to understand how the things go inside cash-for-used-electronics business is to read those quite specific questions people usually ask while contacting “trade posts” tech support. In fact, most of those where & why allow you to fix that frame all legitimate “recyclers” work in. Let's see, what are those frequently asked questions that disturb the minds of people seeking for answers in field of selling used gadgets in the Web:

- Do you accept broken items laptops, smartphones etc?

Sure most companies buying used electronic devices are ready to pay cash for absolute junk. Even if it's useless, broken unit can be bought for recycling to make the environment healthier and greener.

- What happens to all those electronics after you paid for them?

As a rule, it depends on the very condition of your item. According to different recycling programs your gadget can be either “refreshed” and sold somewhere in third world countries OR taken to pieces so that all useful parts can be used to fix similar broken units.

- How many laptop and other items can I pass out per order?

As it was previously said, there are some quite specific things that differ in dealmakers. One of those trifles is the number of items a company is ready to buy from you per order. While some “recyclers” have nothing against the bulk selling (usually it is allowed to sell up to ten units at a time), other, more cautious sources require their customers to process every single piece as a separate full-fledged transaction. Yep, caution never hurts! So, your job here is to choose a source that fully meets your own preferences.

selling used laptop

- Can I get more money for my laptop if it is brand new?

It often happens that people lose their interest in things right after they got them. Shoot happens, you know! Unfortunately for those guys who want to charge “real” money for their unused electronics, recycling services just can't pay a dime over the real products cost. Nothing personal, folks, business is business so take it or leave it.

- Is there a chance for me to sell a... stolen unit?

Sweet Lord, NO! It is absolutely impossible for all legitimate services buying hi-tech junk for recycling. Every unit sent from a customer is necessarily checked using it's serial or IMEI (short from International Mobile Equipment Identity) number to make sure it wasn't blacklisted or stolen. Besides, selling smartphones that have unpaid bills is also senseless as no company will offer a full price for such a “surprise.” Keep it honest, guys, and you will get the same honest price for your outdated “life companions.”

- What type of gadgets can I sell to you?

To put it short, you can sell any kind of electronics regardless it's current condition. The general list of items includes laptops, MacBooks, iPhones, cellphones, gaming consoles, GPS navigators, MP3 players... Outdated, broken, scratched or even smashed – whatever it's condition every single unit you want to sell will get a decent cash price!

-Why recycling center is better choice than eBay?

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In general, eBay isn't a bad option for an experienced web user, but most online services providing their personal trade-in solutions, seem to be more advantageous in comparison with good-old eBay. In particular, eBay's policy requires too much from you and doesn't guarantee success. Moreover, it's not always secure to deal with mentioned source as you always risk to face a scam selling quite precious things to potential tricksters. As for recycling centers, they always care about your rights offering honest price for “white” widgets.

-Why should I start with SellLaptopBack?

What makes SellLaptopBack so special, indeed? There are lots of places in the cyber space starving for useless and unwanted electronics, so why should you choose mentioned service to sell your gadgets? The answer is obvious: those guys offer the best prices in the whole Web, take care about customers security, pay cash within 24 hours and designed to serve really wide range of customers. Students, housewives, busy-bees – no matter who you are, SLB is interested in paying money for any outdated or broken laptops you want to get rid of!