Selling My Laptop Experience

selling my laptop experience

My friends say that I am a computer freak. Maybe they are right, maybe no, who knows. I just like to change my gadgets really often – once a year, I guess. I can’t help it, I really like products of modern technology and its unbelievable abilities. I am a gamer and it is important for me to have a laptop that supports all famous games of nowadays – Bloodborne, Assassine’s Creed Syndicate, Destiny and SONA. Yes, maybe I am a freak. Of course, you can imagine how many old and outdated units I have in my room. There about 10 laptops and 8-9 smart-phones there. And all this stuff takes place that I would be glad to use in another way, so one day I have decided that it was time for selling my laptop, all of them actually.

Selling my laptop research

For sure, you understand that when I have bought that laptops and cell-phones that I don’t use anymore I have paid a lot of money for each of them. So, thinking about selling one of my laptops I tried to find the best option to do that. It goes without saying that just putting them into the garbage was not the best solution for me. I can be a freak, but I am not a madman. I want to turn back some of my money, if it is impossible to get back all of cash.

1. eBay option

The first place that I could think about was E-bay. Everyone in the United States and in other countries as well visits it to sell or buy something. This is the most popular online service in the world and it seems the easiest way to get rid of things that you don’t need anymore. Besides, my friends have already had positive experience selling different stuff there – from kid’s clothes to cars.

So, I took few pictures of one of my gadgets and posted in on the eBay website. Well, you know how it works. First, you write a brand and model of the laptop you are trying to sell. You can also choose the style of the process (most users prefer auctions), then show your unit in the best way with colorful and clear photos and then wait for the best price offer from potential clients. Selling my old laptop on the eBay I have learnt all these stages by heart.

Unfortunately, this way of selling didn’t suit me at all. Maybe, I was not really ready to give my gadget away for prices I was offered, maybe there were better laptops available for price I wanted to get, but there was another obstacle for me to perform the deal – I didn’t trust all that people, who contacted me. I know that they could feel the same about me, but I didn’t want to take a risk and send my once expensive property to stranger. And I have learnt one disappointing thing – I am not going to get a lot of money for my gadget. So, anyways, eBay was not the option and I removed my listing from it really soon.

2. Pawn shop option

Selling my outdated laptops and smart-phones to the pawn shop seemed better idea than eBay option. The best thing about it was that I could have my money right away hands-in-hands. I didn’t have to worry that I would be cheated and that I would lose my property. So, I started to look for pawn shops in my city that were good-known and trusted by their customers. Thanks God, we have Internet. I have found few websites of local pawn shops where clients could leave their positive and negative feedback. That was really useful and I’ve made my mind to visit one of them the very next day.

When I came their next morning I was truly disappointed – they didn’t want to take my laptop because they never take laptops. I couldn’t find such information on the website, so I started to argue, but it didn’t help much. I was told that I had to call first and I left without anything. Yes, the pawn shop was not an option too.

selling my laptop

3. Selling laptops online option

My disappointment was so high that I stopped thinking about getting cash for my outdated units. After some time, one of my friends came to visit me. When he saw my electronic stuff store, he was amazed and asked me why I didn’t sell it. I told him about my attempts to sell all of them and about my failure. Then he told me about selling laptops online services that would gladly buy my gadgets from me.

I started to look for some reliable website. I looked through hundred of comments to find the best service and at last I made my mind to contact one of the most popular sites. The process of this bargain was really easy. I was offered to fill out the form with all information about things I want to sell and their condition. After that I was sent a special code. This code allows customers to track their package all the way of the process. By means of it you can see on what stage is your order at the very moment. Very useful function for people that don’t trust others much (like me).

In a very short time I’ve got a package with the label of the company and special material that was meant to prevent my laptop from damage during the shipping. It looked professional enough and I put my unit into the package without hesitations. In a short time I got my money by means of the PayPal system (that I have picked up as preferable filling out the form) and felt satisfied. A few months later I sold all my old gadgets to the same company and even got a small, but cute present as a habitual customer.

I am not saying that my way of selling my laptop is the best for each of you, guys. I just want to share my experience; maybe it will be useful for people like me, who try to get rid of their old units. I have found my best option through mistakes and disappointments. You must choose your way yourself. Anyways, good luck to everyone who has the same problem – find your best option and be happy.

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