Sell A Laptop

sell a laptop

Even the most powerful and expensive device is powerless before the time, so sooner or later with the sale of a laptop facing each of us. Computers morally getting old, breaks down and becomes unnecessary to modern man. Of course you can take your old laptop for recycling, but perhaps worth giving a second life to the device. How to do it? Just sell a laptop! By doing so you will receive the cash, take care of the environment and get rid of the object, which would collect dust on a shelf.

Back to the past or history of laptops

What’s a laptop knows every child. But who knows when this techniques miracle was invented. The first portable computer was released in 1981 (Osborne1). Although portable it can be called a stretch. The so-called laptop weighed about 10 kg and looked like inverted modern system unit. The keypad located on the hinged front panel. There was a miniature display that has 24 lines of 52 symbols.

The main advantage of this computer lies in its mobility. It not only can be transferred in a case, but also to work on battery power. Of course only about 10 minutes, but the fact remains. "Computer-suitcases" were very popular even with their weight. It was the only solution that could offer manufacturers at the time. Despite its drawbacks, such gadgets were sold to 10 000 units per month at a price of $1795. These devices sold within a short time, but it marked the beginning a new generation of computers.

The first portable computer that looked like modern laptops was released in 1988. Compaq SLT was equipped with a full keyboard, good screen, floppy and 286. As you can see, technology is developing very quickly and today the market is actually oversaturated with gadgets. But there can be no demand without supply, so if we buy new items of the world of technology, let's properly get rid of old smartphones, tablets and laptops re-selling them.

Why it's so important to sell your laptop?

Selling laptop can be guided by a number of reasons. For example, you may need the money or you don’t want to break the law just throwing the device into the trash. But this is more personal reasons, but not global. You probably have heard a lot about large concentrations of E-waste, but do you know what happens when the laptop is manufactured.

At manufacturing stage laptops allocated by about 56% more greenhouse gases than during the whole period of operation of these devices. Thus, if average lifespan of the gadget is five years then for this time allocated 138 kg of greenhouse gases. Accordingly in the manufacture of unit this index is equal 214 kg. Rare species of raw material definitely used when creating laptops. A clear example is the cobalt, extraction, processing and utilization of which is complex and inefficient.

Out of this situation is to extend the life of the laptops due to the greater availability of spare parts and easier replacement of obsolete or broken parts. And in this case could help ordinary consumers. How? Simple and easy, you just sell a laptop and get good cash. After all, even the old or broken unit has working parts, which may well be used a second time. Of course electronics manufacturers need to think about the efficient recycling and use of secondary raw materials. But that's a topic for another article.

sell a laptop

Presale preparation

So you've made the right decision to sell your laptop. Perhaps you have already found a buyer but believe it isn’t enough. You should spend some time and prepare gadget. Presale preparation is divided into several stages:

  1. The transfer of personal information, programs, passwords. First, you need to transfer personal files on an ordinary flash drive, external hard drive or cloud storage. Be sure to transfer the database password or any other files that are listed in your passwords. Then, copy the necessary text documents, photos and videos. Change or restore the operating system on a standard (originally installed) isn’t required. By the way, don’t tear off the sticker with the license key on the bottom of the laptop. Anyway this key, you cannot activate it on a different computer, because it’s tied to a laptop. Leave it to the new owner;
  2. Formatting discs. When all you want is copied and saved, you can delete files from your computer. Don’t forget to delete the browser history and saved passwords. Then you can format the local disk on the laptop (except the system drive);
  3. Clean the device from dust and dirt. Now we should take care about the appearance of the gadget. Take the rag or brush and sweeping up all dust, crumbs and pieces of chips from the keyboard. Then, wipe the screen and the laptop case. It’s advisable to buy a special tool for care, which includes the spray (water-based), and a microfiber cloth (do not leave streaks).

Outdated and broken laptop can be of practical value. So if you bought a new laptop, the old one certainly need to sell. Photos laptop and a detailed description can help you find a buyer on the forums, trading platforms and social networks. Depending on the technical condition of the gadget it can be sold for good money, but it will take a lot of time (from a few weeks to several months). Of course, this isn’t the only way. You can appeal to the pawn shops or service centers. These organizations quickly buy your device, but for less cash. You can also assess the laptop online and sell it to a specialized company. This method is convenient, profitable and accessible to everyone.

Caring for the environment is relevant to everyone. So if we want to enjoy the benefits of scientific progress and make our lives easier, let's not forget about the proper disposal of electronic waste and the possibility to give a second life to old devices. Very often we see only the tip of the iceberg, so remember that the sale of the laptop is not only a personal benefit, but also an important social function.

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