Cash For Used Dell Laptop

What do you do with your old laptop?

As a responsible person, you can’t in good conscience throw your old laptop in the trash. Plus, if it’s in some semblance of a working condition, you might be able to offset the cost of your new laptop by selling your old device. So, the idea to get cash for used Dell laptop, or whatever model you have, doesn’t seem crazy! Right?


Don’t Throw it Away!

Just because you ran your laptop into the ground doesn’t mean it needs to end up in the ground. Instead of throwing it out, donate it to a local recycling center or find one online. There are many companies that are ready to take your old machine for recycling. If you have Dell model, there is Dell Reconnect recycling program to help you. It is free! The program provides free shipping and might in pay you in case your laptop has some value.

If you upgraded to a new laptop while the old one still has a little life left in it, there are a number of options for selling it online. You could, of course, turn to eBay or Craigslist, but finding the right buyer may prove time consuming, requiring lengthy email chains about the laptop’s condition while trying to find someone.

Sell and Get Cash for Used Dell Laptop!

Instead of selling it to another end user, you could try a trade-in site that will buy your old laptop and then turn around sell it on the used market. Amazon’s Trade-In service, for example, is quick and easy and pays you via Amazon gift card. And there is no shortage of other trade-in sites! Gazelle is another popular trade-in site for Apple MacBooks, along with phones and tablets. How about trading your old machine on auction and get sure money?

You could also turn to social media to find a buyer among your group of friends or followers, where the right local group or hashtag might find you your laptop’s next owner. Using innocent social connections for a commercial venture, however, comes with its own perils and decorum. But before, you’d better to explore web in more details about your laptop model. It can help you to find out what it is really worth.



Comparing Dell laptops with HP laptops, Dell goes with cheaper price. So if you are on a limited budget and require a really high quality laptop, you should consider looking in to the Dell range for one. Dell sells their laptop directly from their specialized vendor and this makes the price lower.


Dell has and it seems like it will continue to provide their laptops with a standard look. A look that makes their laptop seem like the perfect device for not just any school going kid but also makes it suitable for an office going person. Dell also provides its customers with a huge range of colors to choose from! So if you want to buy a laptop for a teen, you can safely bet that in terms of look any teen would find a laptop from Dell’s range to be more appealing. Nevertheless, it is always possible to find something special for office.

Specific Features and How They Perform

Of course, Dell laptops haven’t a greater number of features. The battery life isn’t long. It is reducing significantly over the years with use. Dell laptops are plain and easy in use without a tones of specific features.


If you want to get more cash for used Dell laptop, you should learn everything about what is has inside. Dell laptops are quite large in size. This at times can make a Dell laptop quite handful to carry around. But Dell laptops are known to be more considerate of their customers. They pay a lot of attention to the air flow. This means that their laptops do not heat up as fast as the others do. There are a lot of people who complain that the laptops get heated up extremely fast when they are in use, but it’s not about Dell products. With Dell laptops you might not always need a cooling fan!


The actual hardware in use are produced by contractors so there isn’t much difference in that between Dell and other laptop brands. But the difference lies in the combination of the components. Dell with its vast variety provides people with a lot more combinations than others do. Dell laptops are priced between $300 to over $1000 and provide people with an exceptional variety to choose from.

Customer Service and Warranty

Whether you buy a $300 laptop or $1000 laptop, it is undoubtedly a huge investment. You must have two very important things in mind; the customer service and the warranty that the laptop comes with. Dell has an excellent customer service. They are available online and on phone 24 hours a day and seven days a week. If you are in selected countries or states they can also send in an official from their office to help out with any problems that you might be having.

A laptop especially if it is being used for official or study related purposes must be perfectly functioning at all times, a slight problem can cause a whole lot of trouble and worrying. If you buy a Dell laptop you will never have to worry about crappy customer service. If you are a frequent traveler and you travel the globe a lot I suggest that you choose Dell. It offers customer support in a lot of countries. It would be quite ghastly if your laptop gets damaged while you are in a foreign country, a Dell customer service can surely help save you a lot of hassle. Of course, it wouldn’t help if your laptop is old and out of warranty now. But the fact is pleasant, isn’t it?

It is very important to know everything about your laptop specific if you are in trade and want to get more cash for old Dell laptop. What else do you need? An accurate assessment of your laptop’s value, a clean hard drive, and a good photograph are all you need to sell your old laptop. With those three bases covered, you simply need to find to the right outlet bring it all home with a sale.

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