15 Steps How To Sell A Laptop

But, You Don’t Need 15 Steps to Sell Laptop! We Shortened List FOR YOU!

Let me guess. You probably have a couple of old but still working laptops somewhere in a drawer. People usually buy a new computer when they need more working power and different options from their old laptop. So, what about the old one? Well, if your laptop has almost lost its value and cannot be resold, then, you might decide to donate it. However, if it still works well, then the best thing to do is resell it. There are 15 steps how to sell a laptop on Wiki How but in general you can make your own list and correct it according to your needs and demands.

Now, if you have never sold a laptop before, there are chances that you do not know how to go about it. Well, if that’s you, don’t worry, we are going to shorten the long-long list of steps for you. Contained in this article are simple steps to help you sell a computer for the first time and obtain maximum satisfaction.



    The price at which your device can be sold is dependent on some factors. Among them are the configuration, internal components, and size of the display of the notebook. This requires from you to know the specs and the size of your laptop. With this information you can get an idea about the value of your computer.

    If you want to know the best price for your gadget, you will need to have adequate information about its main components like:

    • Hard drive
    • Screen size
    • Memory
    • Graphics
    • CPU

    There are different ways to get this information on different laptops with different operating systems. There are special programs that can help you, even if you are not a technician, get to know everything about your laptop workability in details. For Windows laptops, you simply go to control panel. As soon as the control panel is clicked, the remaining steps can be navigated by simply following the instruction. If you are about selling a MacBook, simply select the apple icon and click “About This Mac.”


    As soon as you have determined the price at which your laptop will be sold, your next thing you should do is to backup the files which are important for you. There are various ways this can be done. The simplest way is to copy the files and place them in a new system. You can save the files in an external hard drive or store them in the cloud.


    Now, you have successfully backed up the important files on your hard drive. The next thing you should do before you recycle your laptop is to de-authorize any software on the device. If you are not sure of what software to de-authorize, you can ask for the professional help.


    Formatting your computer’s hard drive is the only trusted way through which it can be cleaned. Although this is a time-consuming process, it is worth every second. This is because if it is not done, then, you might just be leaving very important information in the hands of a total stranger. Definitely, you do not want to leave your sensitive information on your laptop before shipping it away. This means you would have to clear any personal information from the hard drive before moving it to the next owner.

    Of course, formatting takes some time. However, it is expedient that you do it. This is the only method to ensure that you do not have any personal information on your laptop.


    After formatting your hard drive, it is time to think of the software. Your computer becomes as empty as a new laptop now. It is free of any files, software, and documents. At this stage what you need to do is reinstall an operating system. This is a pretty easy process. You can find instructions online or just start installation process from the disk.


    Selling your laptop alongside its invoice or warranty plays a role in increasing its value. This is because the presence of an invoice is a proof of ownership of the device. And it also gives vital information about the laptop. Warranty is needed to make a price bigger, meaning that your laptop is still available to repair on warranty.


    If you have used your laptop for several months or years, there is a guarantee that it has picked up dust covering in certain places that might reduce its value. Therefore, if you want to get good money from the sale of your laptop, you should take out time to clean it properly. By the way, cleaning is not only dusting its corpus. To effectively clean your laptop, you will need a soft brush, a detergent, a piece of cloth, and a hairdryer. In the absence of detergent, rubbing alcohol will be fine.

    To clean your laptop, you should open it up just like you are working with it and clean the dust on it with the use of the brush. After this is done, the screen, interfaces, and keyboard should be cleaned with a piece of cloth and detergent. The last thing to be done is to get the laptop dry using a hair dryer.


    At this stage, you have done everything that is necessary to get your laptop ready for sale. The next and last step is to determine where you want to sell the laptop. There are many platforms where you can sell your laptop. Some of these platforms are eBay, Craigslist, Facebook, Amazon, and others. Pick one. Bu the way, trading laptop on one of these platforms you have good chances to get good money for it.

  9. selling-laptop-on-ebay


    eBay, as well as Craigslist, are some of the most reliable places to sell your used or recycled laptop. They are very popular and easy to deal with. Nevertheless, dealing with eBay to sell your laptop, if you are not an active user of this platform, then it will be very difficult to convince people that your laptop is of high value. It’s all about your rating. As a newcomer, you do not have a high rating. Also, in as much as eBay is one of the most reliable places to sell your used laptop, it is not free from con artists.

    Craigslist is not very different from eBay. In addition to having a couple of disadvantages, when selling your laptop through craigslist, you might have to take out time to meet people. After this meeting, there still is no guarantee that your laptop will be sold.

  11. SELLING ON SOCIAL MEDIA Nowadays, lots of people are beginning to sell their laptops on social media. This is because unlike eBay and Craigslist, with social media you won’t be dealing with total stranger. You will either be selling to friends or followers.

What’s the next? Depending on what platform you chose for trades, you have to follow the rules of the platform. If you are going to use eBay or something like that, you have to make a list, give characteristics of your laptop, put a price, and photos. Dealing with your people on social media you can answer their messages and give all needed information there. Dealing with special online auctions, you just need to get quote, agree the price and get sure money for your device. Which variant is the best for you?

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