What Kind Of Intel® Core Processor Is Best For You?

Thinking of getting a new computer? Well, you've probably heard the terms Intel® Core i3, i5, and i7 in your search results. Today, we will discuss what these mean and help you choose which one would be best for you.

Intel Laptop Processors

First, off, what is a processor? A processor is basically the brains of your computer. It is responsible for interpreting and executing software commands. A multi-core is where multiple processors are put together on a single chip to allow the efficient processing of simultaneous tasks. Because a single core processor can only do so much at a time. Increasing the number of cores will allow for more tasks to be performed at once; therefore, increasing the speed of the computer. Think of it like this: imagine that you need to cook four different dishes for dinner, if you only have one pot to cook everything in it'll take a lot longer than if you had two pots, or four.

Intel Pentium Laptop Processor

Now you must decide what you will use your computer for and how. So as yourself a few questions:

1- How will you use your computer?

A- Basic tasks and internet browsing

B- Switching among multiple programs

C- Running increasingly demanding applications


2- How will you use photos and video?

A- Watching news and entertainment clips online

B- Sharing media online and video chat

C- HD video editing and Photoshop


3- What kind of games will you play?

A- Basic online games

B- Flash, social networking, mainstream games

C- Immersive, graphic-intense 3D games

Intel Core i3 Laptop Processor

Intel Core i3

Let's take a quick overlook of the answers. If you answered mostly A answers, then you'd want to go with the core i3. Core i3 processor based laptops are great for browsing the internet, checking email and playing basic online games like Farmville. You can still do word processing and spreadsheets. As well as, listening to music, watching streaming movies, and basic photo and video editing.

Intel Core i5 Laptop Processor

Intel Core i5

If you answered mostly Bs then you are looking for a laptop with a bit more substance like a core i5. The core i5 is great for those who are looking for semi pro graphics publishing and photo editing, encoding, music creation. Also programming and playing the occasion games. Or simply those who just enjoy watching HD movies.

Intel Core i7

If you chose mainly C answers then you are looking for the top-of-the line, fastest of the fast processors: a core i7. The core i7 is perfect for the graphically intense gaming experience, professional video and photo editing and other professional applications such as AutoCad or SolidWorks.

Intel Core i7 Laptop Processor

Of course if you answered a combination of letters then it's really up to you on just how fast you want your processor to be. If you plan on using your computer for more than just simple web browsing, then we'd suggest that you get at least an Intel® Core i5. That way you'll have enough processing power under the hood just in case. And if you feel like it's time for an upgrade but you need to sell your old laptop back first, we're here to help. You can sell us your laptop, tablet or smartphone and get extra cash to put towards the new computer that you truly desire.

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