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The possibilities and imagination of modern man have no boundaries. How do you think what can be done with the used laptop? Probably you answered that "throw in the trash" or "sell for cash." Yes, this can be done, but there`re many interesting things that show your originality and ingenuity. Enough just show a little diligence, and to emphasize useful ideas you can in this article.

Ways to improve the used laptop

What`s the best desktop computer or a laptop? This question is often the cause of heated debate, and of course, it all comes down to the fact that the stationary PC is much easier to improve (to upgrade), replacing the elementary components, rather than buying a newer model as it`s often the case with laptops.

Unfortunately, in most cases, improve the performance of a used laptop only possible by buying a new gadget. The reason for this lies in the fact that it`s practically impossible to replace many of the details. So it turns out that to improve the laptop isn`t such a simple task.

And so what you can really improve in laptop? There are several elements of the device, which are responsible for its performance, it`s the processor, RAM and video card. Substitution of one of these elements is more efficient can significantly increase the speed of the unit. Let's look at the possibility of replacing each of the three elements.

Replacing RAM

It`s no secret that with the release of new operating system requirement for the amount of RAM is steadily growing We will not delve into the technical aspects of the substitution memory, mention only two possible ways to resolve the issue The first method consists in replacing the memory on the same, only with a large volume The second method assumes a situation when the laptop is already present in the empty memory slot. In this case, you will just have to purchase and insert a new memory module.

Replacing the processor and video card

Not in every laptop is possible to replace the processor or video card. And the reason is not even purchase the desired item. The catch lies in the cooling system. It`s clear that the more powerful processor, the more it requires a heat removal, as a result need more powerful cooling system. The same applies to video card. Therefore, not enough to simply replace the element, you must make sure that it can be run correctly, otherwise there is a risk to remain without a laptop.

Alternative ways to improve the laptop

The laptop is endowed with a lot of different inputs to which you can connect a lot of useful peripherals. For example, to a USB port, you can connect an external hard drive. Using ExpressCard, you can connect an external video card, which will increase the speed of the laptop graphics applications and games. If your laptop braked you can try to make a clean and reinstall the operating system.

How to breathe new life into used laptop?

Don`t rush to get rid of your used laptop. Since the laptop can get a second life in the right hands. Below is a collection of some ideas of how to use the old device:

  • if you don`t plan to use the gadget for its intended purpose, then hang it on the wall and use as a digital photo frame, PCs for kitchen recipes or entertainment board for the gym. These options are good for a laptop with a broken keyboard, touchpad or CD-ROM drive;

  • if your house has a place where no catches Wi-Fi (for example, terrace or mansard) can be expanded coverage area using an optional access point of the used laptop. To make it pretty easy;

  • do you like the big screen? The symbiosis of old laptop and a homemade projector will help you to watch movies on the big screen and make a presentation, but super quality and 3D effect will certainly not be;

  • if the device is broken, it can be disassembled into parts. Some parts can be sold, and, for example, a hard disk can be converted into additional external storage medium;

  • you can turn a laptop into a tablet with a touch screen. Sounds incredible? Not a bit, in fact there are several ways to do it. It`s enough to ask this question to any search engine;

  • if the gadget is quite bad, but the monitor is in a good condition, separate the body away from the display and use the latter as an external monitor. For example, as an additional monitor stationary PC;

  • The most obvious option is to sell used laptop, even if it is broken. As you can see from the previous examples in the world live many wizards for whom the reworking computers is not just a hobby but a sport and lifestyle. You never know what they're up to today.

selling laptop with broken screen for cash

Get the cash for used laptop

If you intend to sell your used but serviceable laptop, it can be done in different ways. The first is the sale through the placement of the advertisement. The second is to talk about selling to all your friends. The third is to offer your used laptop companies that are engaged in their redemption.

It`s important to clearly understand that this used laptop isn`t a new product, and thus the price for it will not be very high. It doesn`t matter which way you sell it. If you submit the advertisement, then the wait for the buyer is likely to be long. Indeed, to date in this market such offers are very popular. If you tell your friends, it isn`t a fact that among them will be the buyer. Most likely you need to understate the cost, because they're friends.

Sell laptop special company more quickly and profitably. The advantage is that you can even get rid of the old and broken devices. Not to mention the unit in good condition and with a guarantee. The sale price will depend on such parameters as like appearance, presence of defects, the total efficiency of the laptop, model and age. That's all. If your unit is working, has no defects, the sale of the laptop will be quite lucrative.

As you can see even from unnecessary device can be made something interesting. But you need to understand in the guts of laptop or have a good friend who owns the necessary knowledge. Based on this, the most rational to sell the gadget and get some money. The main thing, don`t dispose of old equipment and not cause irreparable harm to the environment.

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