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Common Mistakes You Make When Want to Sell Laptop Fast and Easy

Trade in old computers for cash instead. You’ll be surprised by how easy it is! You can do it with your every old laptop you’ve owned before.

In fact, it is a good idea to earn some money from your old laptop to help you to pay for a new one! Do you believe that it is possible to sell laptop fast and easy? Of course, you can go to Amazon or something like that and try to sell your laptops for a good price. Everything seems to be easy! People often underestimate the complications involved in selling IT equipment. There are a lot of different things that can go wrong or cause complications, and there are lots of opportunities for confusion. Here we are going to look at some of the most common mistakes people make when selling old equipment so that you can avoid them next time you sell yours.


Mistake: Contacting To Only One Customer

Do you think it is a kind of strange mistake? But if dollar value is the biggest concern this is an important aspect. Every company has variation in their resale channels for different types of equipment. This is especially important when you are only selling 1-2 types of equipment. If you put the proper effort into documenting your equipment it should be easy to get quotes from multiple IT companies relatively quickly so that you can make your decision about who is best. If you try to sell your old laptop on your own then you might want to consider only price aspect.

Regarding on what you really want, sure money and security or more money and no safety, you can find a client or company to keep your trust.

Mistake: No Documentation

Once you decide who buys your IT equipment it is important to make sure they know what you are selling them. As a rule, many people that are selling their old equipment are most familiar with their own IT equipment and may not know exactly how much variety is out there. So make sure you include all the important aspects for the various equipment that you are trade with. It is especially important if you deal with customers privately. Trading with a company, don’t worry about documents. Of course, it is good if you have any. But if not, professional managers can define what is what by tasting your old laptop.

Mistake: No Pictures of Your Laptop

It is not a secret that a picture is worth a thousand words. If you want an accurate quote, pictures are very helpful. They help to show exactly what equipment you have and can give clues as to the condition it is in. Pictures of product numbers are also highly recommended both for your own protection and for clearer communication. Make the process easier for everyone and protect yourself. Take pictures if you want to sell laptop fast and easy.

Mistake: Separating Parts Better Sold Together

There are some not as obvious combinations of equipment that should generally be sold together to retain the most value, including:

  • Hard drives and caddies
  • Hard drives/SSDs and NAS/SANs

However, in some cases they can be sold for more value separately. This is one of those areas where it pays to know your equipment and trust your trade company, as they should be able to give you guidance on what will be the best course of action to make you the most money. This is especially good if your laptop is broken and you are trying to make the most money of it.


Mistake: Lie About Laptop Condition to Make More Money

Have broken laptop or other equipment t you’re looking to make money on it? You’re not the only one! Of course, you want to be the best and attract the most people. Dealing with trade companies there is no need to lie at all. They have to verify that everything is functioning properly before reselling anything, so they will find out it is broken. Then they will just have to do a lot more testing. You will make the most money from your broken laptops if you tell your company beforehand that it is broken and:

  • Tell them when the equipment broke
  • How it broke
  • What part(s) are broken (if you know)
  • Any other potentially relevant details

Many a person/company has tried sending IT companies broken equipment and hoping they won’t notice, so every IT company has their tried and true process for dealing with it. Selling your laptop privately, you may also try to make your clients sure that your old laptop is good working when it is not. But we’d recommend not trying to see what the process is like. It’s best for everyone that way. Just be honest. It’s best for everyone and means your used IT equipment has the least chance of becoming the most worthless type of used IT equipment: scrap metal.

Mistake: Improper Packaging

Sometimes your laptop was working when you sent it, but then it is broken when we (or any other customer) receive it. Unfortunately, this is all too common. People think they have packed their equipment securely, but don’t realize the abuse a lot of these packages take. If you happen to have the original packaging for your equipment, please use it! That packaging is already custom made for your machine, and is the best option when available. Properly packing IT equipment for shipping is a common enough problem. You can look through the different websites and find some videos to show people how to do it for various  laptop units.

Conclusions: Selling Your Laptop the Right Way

If you make sure to avoid these major (and common) mistakes when selling old laptops you will be well on your way to a solid transaction that will help you bolster your bottom line. Contact us today if you are looking for a quote to sell old IT laptops or you need help with your next data center project. Remember, don’t contact just one IT company! Make sure you really picked the right one!

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