Sell Broken Laptop For Cash


Despite the fact that laptops less fragile than stationary computers, the amount of their damage increases every day. Someone broke the casing or cracked screens, someone has a problem with the hard disk or the motherboard, someone dropped a laptop from the table or hit hard in transit. So, can be many reasons, but the result is only one - you have become the happy owner of a broken device.

After these incidents, arises a logical question - what to do with a broken laptop? Give to the repair, sale for spares, sale for cash or simply to throw out? We will look at all possible options and determine the best of them!

Top 5 laptop problems

Each of us sooner or later faced with the poor performance of the laptop. But like everything else in this world, modern gadgets can even break. Breakdowns are different and some of them can’t be repaired or it wouldn't be profitable. We have considered the best known problems of these devices:

  1. The keyboard isn't working. The most common and banal problem. Usually it occurs due to spilled liquid on the keyboard or the damage to the contacts when an inexperienced person with their own hands disassemble and cleaning this device;

  2. The screen of the laptop isn't working. If the screen has a black network of cracks and image completely (partially) has disappeared, it indicates failure of matrix due to the strike. The reasons can be different, such as careless closing the lid, drop the laptop, etc.;

  3. The laptop doesn't operate. In most cases, the problem associated with the breakdown of the system board or processor;

  4. The laptop doesn't start. Gadget makes a noise and indicators light up, but the screen doesn't turn on. In this case, the problem in separate components. This can be the video card, RAM or hard disk;

  5. The laptop often restarts or turned off after a brief operation. Cause of the problem lies in the banal overheating components.

What to do with a broken laptop?

There are several alternative ways to get rid of the broken gadget, and each one has a right to exist. Many people are trying to fix it and if it’s unable to just throw the device to the dump. But there are other, more attractive options. For example, you can sell broken laptop for cash. But before you make such conclusion it’s necessary to analyze all existing opportunities.

Repair of broken laptop

Laptop repair isn’t advisable in all cases. When the damaged hardware components, for example, need replacing motherboard or soldering any elements, the repair can be more expensive than the cost of a new device. Moreover, the expense of work can often exceed the price of necessary parts.

If we talk about guarantees, it extends only to the marriage of hardware laptops. The period of validity is less than one year. A unit can be repaired if it’s a new or expensive model and when a problem with a hard disk or a broken screen. In all other cases for proper evaluation of the actions required diagnostic service center. And this service is worth the money.

If a new laptop worth $1000, the cost of replacing the matrix will be approximately $100-150. If winchester is broken, the price of a new component will be $100. But if the gadget is already more than five years, its hardware components are seriously outdated and the real price on the secondary market doesn’t exceed $200. Therefore, change it screen or motherboard ($100-150) will hardly be a rational solution.

selling laptop online

Selling broken laptop for parts

If you understand what elements composed laptop and you can take it apart without damage, this method may suit you. You just have to split unit into separate parts, advertise on the Internet and to sell the working components. It sounds very simple, but this way has several nuances. The easiest way to sell a non-working gadget in a large city. In small towns, it will be difficult, you can certainly find a buyer in another city, but it will take some time, and there can be problems with payment.

Parts rare models can be sold for several years. The most demanded items is the matrix, hard disks and memory. Their value on the secondary market ranges from $20 to $50. These parts are versatile, for example, the hard disk can be installed in any laptop irrespective of manufacturer. Details of body and other small parts to sell much more complicated. Success depends on demand, time and luck.

Sell your broken laptop for cash

Today, the Internet is full of announcements of buying broken laptops. Its placed by specialized companies or individuals. More profitable and reliable will be the first group of buyers. Practice shows that these companies pay a high price for the device and ensure rapid supply of cash to your account. You get rid of trash, care about the environment and earn extra income to buy new modern laptop. Pretty tempting, isn't it?

Landfill and recycling

Of course, this is the easiest option! But you have to keep in mind a few important rules. Throw out the old device in the trash is prohibited. By doing so, you will inflict irreparable damage to the environment and break the law. You also deprive yourself, albeit small, but still a nice cash reward. After all, even a broken laptop can be sold! But if you still decide to get rid of the laptop in this way, the unit is necessary to give for recycling.

What determines the price of a broken laptop?

The real cost of a broken laptop depends on many factors, and sometimes received benefits pleasantly surprise the owner of this gadget. Companies that buy such equipment makes a thorough diagnostic to determine how much of cash they can offer to their customers. If you have a broken laptop, you can calculate the approximate cost. How? There is nothing easier if you know the following points:

  1. Age. Of course, the older laptops are cheaper than the models available on the market in recent years;

  2. The brand and model. For example, gadgets “with apple” are likely to be more expensive than Acer and Lenovo. Although much depends on the technical condition of the device;

  3. Complete set. Laptops in a complete set with original packaging, battery charger, hard disk repurchased significantly more expensive than their “naked brothers”;

  4. Appearance of the device. The presence of scratches, cracks and the broken casing can reduce the cost of device;

  5. Technical condition. Working elements most affects the price of a broken laptop. Checking the readability of discs and the quality of the battery;

  6. Gadget parameters. For example, the volume of the hard disk, etc.

Sell broken laptop for cash is a real opportunity to earn additional income showing thus care about the environment. You just fill out an online form on the website of specialized companies and the operator will contact you. It's easy and millions of people around the world have felt it. Maybe you'll be next?

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