Fix Or Sell Your Used Or Broken Laptop Online

For most people, the decision to replace a computer comes down to cost. Of course, the best idea is to sell used or broken laptop online to get money to buy a new machine. Since a price for a laptop is around $500, most people consider selling their old laptops the best variant to get some money. They don’t even think to repair their used broken laptop to sell it for more money. However, there are a few hidden expenses to keep in mind before you decide to repair your broken machine.



What to expect from laptop computer repair service?

This guide is long but worth reading. There’s a lot of uncertainty about what you can reasonably expect from a computer repair service. Don’t you think this is a bit mysterious? Actually, most car repair customers would probably have a fairly clear idea of how it is to repair a car. It’s time to learn everything about how it would be to repair your old broken laptop. You just aren’t sure what to expect.

  • Don’t accept SUPER HIGH fees

    There are many customers who prefer to wait for the repairs at home. It has obvious benefits. Convenience, obviously, is a big factor. But you also get the added peace of mind of getting a repair which works across all your networked devices. This isn’t so easy in a store. The biggest misconception out there is that you should expect to overpay for to-your-door service. Definitely, it will cost more than going into a store. So, don’t be lazy and take your old broken laptop to the office.

    Check the company quotes first. You can get free shipping in such a way. There is always a way to low the reparation rates.

  • Know rates BEFOREHAND

    When it comes to a computer repair rates, there’s one golden rule to follow: Know their rate in advance. By the way, a good reliable company should tell you the rates in advance, even if you don’t ask for that. This is as an ethical way to do business. Nevertheless, there are many repair services that will be quite happy to present you with an invoice after the repair is done. And the prices are going to be impressive there! Always, always ask for their rate before they begin the work. Hourly rates will vary slightly depending on your area and the nature of the work, but if a company asks you for too much higher than $80 per hour, approach their rate with extreme caution.

  • Guarantees

    Laptops are rather complicated mechanisms and something can go wrong with them. You want to sell old laptop for good money and decided to repair it first. After a repair is completed, no reputable computer repair business is going to guarantee that your computer will remain completely problem-free for the foreseeable future. There are just too many variables. On the other hand, you should absolutely expect written, solid assurance from your repair company that your specific problem will not recur in the immediate future. For example, let’s say your operating system failed and required a complete reinstall. Provided you follow their directions, you have a right to expect your operating system to remain in good working order for 90 days or more.

    This is a bit of a gray area, but the key is to exercise your own judgment. You have a right to a reasonable guarantee that the specific problem you had resolved should not recur. It’s unreasonable and absolutely pointless to expect your entire computer to remain glitch-free after one repair. Who knows, if the company doesn’t guarantee you that their job has been done well, it is better to find another company or sell your old laptop online.

  • How long to wait for repair?

    This one is really easy. You can hear something like “we’re really busy right now and we won’t be able to get to your repair for a week”. They may actually be really busy because they’re a busy and thriving company. They may also be woefully unprepared, under-resourced or simply concealing the fact they’ll be sending your computer on to a third party. So, how to be reasonable in this situation? It’s going to depend on what country or even region you live in. But as a general rule, consider 72 hours the absolute outside of how long you should be prepared to wait.


Final thoughts about laptop repair vs selling it

In the final analysis, there are a few good principles to keep in mind when you’re choosing any laptop computer repair service.

Laptop computers aren’t like magic beans – If a company tries to sell you a deal that’s too good to be true, it’s probably not true! If another company tries to tell you your problem is “really very complicated” and will cost a lot to fix, be skeptical and ask questions. These are both examples of a salesperson trying to bamboozle you. Again, computers aren’t magical beans, don’t let the salespeople speak to you as though they are.

Check their website – You can learn a lot from a company’s website. Do they have an page where you can learn about who owns the company? Do they have a professional presentation with great content? Are their services clearly outlined? If this information is not available, buyer beware!

Talk to someone – Of course, it’s old-fashioned, but it’s always smart to pick up the phone and approach a company with questions. Are you dealing with a friendly and reputable service rep who is delighted to walk you through your options? The service you get on the phone is a good indicator of the service you’ll get throughout your repair.

What is wrong with your old laptop? Check it carefully to decide and then repair your laptop or repair it. But if it’s time to say goodbye to your aging computer, enjoy the new computer smell that awaits! Remember, selling your old broken laptop can give you maximum profit only if you spend some efforts.

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