Selling My Laptop To SellBroke Experience

I had a feeling for a while that my laptop wasn’t going to last forever. But I didn’t think it was going to happen this soon. When I was playing games on my Aorus X7 V6 17", at times the image became distorted. Now the video is gone completely and I have no use of the computer. I know that the video chip is integrated with the motherboard which means the whole unit will need to be replaced. That sucks because it’s a rather expensive repair.

Aorus X7 Laptop Motherboard

Christmas Budget

Now, before Christmas I plan on buying more things than any other time of the year. I certainly didn’t budget a purchase of a new laptop or the cost of an expensive repair. But what happened can’t be undone. I do need a working computer for work and play and my social life asap.

I did a quick search on the options of repairing my laptop and it doesn’t look too promising. After adding up cost of used parts of eBay and anticipated repair shop labor I figured that I may be better off buying a new laptop instead. On the other hand this might be a reason to upgrade anyway. That being said I rushed to search the Internet for the best place to sell my broken laptop and I stumbled upon

Google search

It wasn’t hard at all. I just googled “sell laptop” and there it was.

sell laptop google search

My first impression of the website was very good. I like the bright colors and simple design. My eye caught the blue Better Business Bureau logo which made me feel more comfortable about doing business with this company. I know that only trustworthy firms get to be accredited by BBB or at least I hope so. I also checked some online reviews about the business just to be sure that it was a legitimate place. It turned out to be very reputable.

Navigating SellBroke's website

Finding my laptop model took seconds and I was staring at the quoted offer. $200 isn’t bad for a non working computer. I bought my laptop new for more than a $1000 and my factory warranty just expired a few months ago. The Aorus X7  - it’s a hell of a gaming machine and I like it a lot. I was happy when I got it and when I was using it as well. But this time I really want to buy an HP Omen X with GTX 1080 laptop. Hopefully I will be able to come up with enough money. I may cut back on some of the presents that I was planning for my family and friends. They will understand. They know I can’t live without a gaming computer.

sellbroke website

Luckily my MacBook Air is still working. That’s what I used to search my options online to sell the HP laptop. I sometimes need to take my computer with me and the MacBook is ideal for that. I don’t imagine carrying around a big and heavy 17” gaming laptop. Truthfully I use my iPhone the most for my off grid computing.

how to sell laptops to sellbroke

Back to selling my laptop.

The website is easy to navigate and the service is very straight forward. I check the “How to sell my laptop” section first to get a process overview. Basically after seeing the online quote the next step is to fill out a simple online form with contact and payment information. Contact info is used for shipping and later payment if one is getting a check in the mail. Other payment options offered are Google Wallet and PayPal transfers. I selected a Google Wallet as I find this service the best of the three. I’m a big fan of Google Services.

sell laptops to sellbroke

Not only they are very good but also free. You can’t beat that. I remember using and liking PayPal but those times are gone. They became greedy and don’t take care of their customers as they should. For shipping SellBroke offers FedEx and UPS. I selected FedEx and I received an instant shipping label to my email address. It was super easy to print out and the label was already prepaid. All I had to do was to pack my laptop and stick the shipping label on the box. Later I dropped it off at a nearby FedEx store.

quote for my laptop

What I also like about the service is that SellBroke protects my personal data. I wasn’t able to remove it since the laptop stopped working. I normally back my data on an external drive just in case if some hardware fails. I’m still not used to using cloud backup for my personal stuff. Even though my iPhone is going crazy trying to make me use Apple’s cloud. BTW updating the OS to the newest version on my iPhone 6S totally destroyed it. I was never believing that Apple would actually do that to make you buy a new model but they do. My friend and I did the update almost simultaneously and the exact same thing happened to his phone. That can’t be a coincident. Way to go Apple.

My Aorus X7 Laptop


So overall I’m very happy with I tracked my package and I got my Google Wallet payment the same day as they received my laptop. You can’t ask for more. The service is perfect and very transparent. I knew what I was getting before I decided to proceed with the transaction. My goal was to find a good value for my laptop and easy service. I don’t have time or energy to sell on eBay now. I’m not saying I don’t use eBay but selling a broken laptop was much easier through SellBroke. SellBroke is a great electronics recycler that I recommend to anyone looking to get cash for their computers and other gadgets (laptops, tablets and phones).

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