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selling laptop computer for cash

How to sell your old laptop back?

Before selling your laptop you should understand a few important things:

  • First, you are the seller, and your job is to trade for money your old laptop for the highest and best price for you.

  • Second - what you need as much as possible to describe in detail your computer.

Not every seller understands how it is important to describe a product clearly and available, especially when it comes to computer technology. On terms of how competently you can describe your product depends your cash receiver rate.

What to do with your old laptop?

What to do with your old gadget is the question that almost every user may have in mind. This is understandable, because every 5 years and sometimes earlier, there is a need of replacing your old device to a new one, or at least, to make some upgrades. Before putting your old laptop on your attic you should think whether it will be useful for you in the future. After all, there are several ways to use your old computer, sell, give as a present or save as furniture.

So, to sell your old laptop back and have some cash from it, this is the most attractive variant. The question is to whom and where you can sell your old unit, who needs it? You'd be surprised, but many have a desire of having your old device from ordinary people to organizations. Unfortunately, there is still a lot of people who can`t afford to buy a new laptop. They are happy to take advantage of your offer and at a reasonable cost would buy an old device, provided that it is working and it fits the parameters.

Where to find people who are ready to buy your old laptop?

There are many public and private organizations, businesses, firms that do not need expensive office equipment, including not powerful old computers that fit to play the role of typewriter machines or a simple access to the Internet.

Surely in such organizations you have relatives, friends, acquaintances who work there, who can afford an old computer on affordable price. Many of them will not give up to the deal, because it's a lot cheaper than buying a new device.

Surely, in your town there are several such companies that will consider your offer and purchase your old gadget. However, in this method, there is no big cash, because your device is underestimated but it will be bought swiftly. Therefore, this method is suitable if you want to sell your old laptop quickly. You can also sell your old unit by parts, but usually it is not profitable and the cash amount, in the end, will be much less than if you would sell your old computer in one piece.

Where to look for such buyers of your old laptop?

About relatives, friends, acquaintances it has been already spoken. But the main source of the search of customers of old computers is the Internet. Specialized forums, message boards, websites of companies that repair computers in your region all of this will help you to quickly find the right buyer. Just pay attention to the newspaper, which houses various kinds of ads for buying old computers and office equipment.

 The next way to get rid of your old computer, it's easy to give it.

As much as it is banal sounds, but there are enough old computers that take the time to implement them simply makes no sense. Simply give his school, kindergarten or children's home, another government organization. Another question is, if they want to take it, if your computer is too old.

sell laptop computers

If you can't sell your old laptop where it can be applied in your home?

  • If you do a little repair of computers, the old device will not hurt, at least in terms of rapid diagnosis of faults of another gadget.

  • You can use your old laptop to make a mini-server that allows you to constantly download from the Internet a lot of different information. To do this, you just need to install the operating systems Linux and SATA-controller, if necessary, put a more powerful power battery and correctly configure the computer itself. You can put the device somewhere where it will not be on the spot, out of the way, and connect all the necessary cables. Install remote access and your old computer for days can download movies, music, for days and store it on a file server.

  • From your old laptop you can make a home router, web server or mail server for free. But you will be dealing with constant noise from your old device, to avoid this you should find sound isolated place but it should be well ventilated.

As you have seen there are a lot of things to do with your old device. The market of computers still have the demand of old computers, so, you can still make a profit out of your old device. As about upgrading an old computer in the modern conditions for computers 5 years old computers it makes no sense, as the substitute of one “gear”, usually leads the replacement of other computer components, so you have almost everything to replace.

What to write in the Internet advertisement for the sale of your old computer?

Quite often there are short, concise ads for sale of computer equipment, from which it is simply impossible to understand what they sell. These ads do not attract buyers, and the goods can be on sale for very long period.

The announcement should describe all the characteristics of your computer, which will interest buyers:

  • Specify the model of your laptop;

  • The availability of CD-RW and DVD drives;

  • The type of connector for the processor on the motherboard;

  • The RAM your computer;

  • The video card and amount of video memory;

  • The condition of laptop, including the ports and connectors for additional devices;

  • The availability of licensed operating system

Such data will help significantly increase the price of your proposed article. After reading an ad, which will include the above data, the customer will recognize what you offer and what is the condition of the computer.

If you can`t give a detailed description of your computer, or you are afraid that your information is not accurate, you can use the estimate of professionals or download a special program (Aida 32 or Everest Ultimate Edition), that will diagnose your computer and give detailed information.

How to determine the price of your old computer?

  • If you going to resell your pre-owned computer by yourself, you need to determine the price. If you are not going to sell the whole kit and leave, for example, a monitor, it will significantly affect its price. Typically, most customers prefer to buy all at once, not just a box called the computer.

  • If you do decide that you'll sell the whole package, the first thing you should see if your model of laptop is on sale, it will help you determine the price.

  • If there no such model, in that case you need to calculate the price, taking into account the physical condition of your device, the time that it was used in the operation and how it is outdated.

Based on this, you can set a price between 50 and 70% of its first price. Of course, it is possible to put a higher price, but in this case the chances of quickly trade your computer are considerably reduced.

Sell laptop computers online or to local recycling laptop buyback shop for recycle. There is a lot of choices where to go and sell, and it's up to you what the best fits your expectations. Online is your best choice.

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